Roche Herbst

Roche Herbst, Registered Psychologist

Roché is a Registered Psychologist in Alberta with a specialty in psycho-educational, cognitive and psychological assessments for children, adolescents and adults. She has received her Masters Degree in Psychology at the University of South Africa in 2000 and is currently in the process of obtaining her Doctorate degree in Alberta. Roche assists individuals with gaining a better understanding of difficulties and issues related to intellectual functioning, psychological and / or mental health, social skills and behaviours. She provides a variety of assessments and diagnosis, including ADHD, learning disorders, anxiety, depression, OCD, ODD, auditory and visual processing disorders, and giftedness, as well as career assessment. Roché has a braod experience in the psychology and assessment fields, both public and private sectors. She knows what it feels like to live with ADHD and understands the tremendous challenges and opportunities for growth in finding meaning and purpose. Roche has lived, worked and travelled in many different countries with a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and lifestyles. Her goal is for individuals to embrace their uniqueness in building a more joyful, healthy and productive life. Roche provides assessments in English and Afrikaans.