Laura Walsh

Laura Walsh, Registered Psychologist

Laura holds Master’s degrees in Psychology and Sport Science from the University of Hong Kong and a Master of Counselling degree from Monash University in Australia.  She is a registered psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologist and the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.  She is also a registered hypnotherapist with the Canadian Hypnotherapy Association, an EMDR therapist and a sport psychologist with the CSPA.
 Previously, Laura worked in Hong Kong as a psychologist and sport psychologist for 5 years before moving back to Canada in 2015. She has worked in Calgary for the past three years with individuals, couples, adolescents, children and high level athletes. Her main areas include trauma, including PTSD, depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders , transitioning in life, self-esteem, confidence, communication and relationship issues, using a variety of techniques including but not limited to, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), acceptance and compassion therapy (ACT), hypnotherapy (mindfulness), Interpersonal therapy, EMDR therapy and sport psychology.
 Having previously been a national ranked gymnast and represented Canada in running, triathlons and adventure racing, she still finds joy in these activities but has expanded to include rock climbing, yoga and the quieter pursuits of meditation and learning languages.
Regardless of talent or a relentless training schedule, if you lack self-confidence, focus on the wrong things at the wrong time, are unable to let go of mistakes or struggle with performance anxiety and/or pressure, you will never reach your true potential as an athlete or performer. Sport psychology looks at the mental training of sport and tackles issues such as fear of success/failure, lack of motivation, burn out, performance slump and anxiety, retirement from elite sport, coach/athlete and parent/athlete relationships, hyper or hypo arousal, WOOP goal setting and multi-sensory imagery.